Friday, November 28, 2008

South Park as satire

The other night, I was watching a rerun of South Park. And I was reminded about the fact that South Park on one level is satire.

The espisode was about time travelers coming back in time to our present to look for work. Or so it looked like on the surface; I occasionally write science fiction myself and I am a big fan of it, so I realize that science fiction is almost always about the present.

And this espisode was all about immigration. "They stole yer job," was the big line of the espisode.

I did find it amusing that one of the suggestions to fix the problem was to improve the future so that the time travelers would stay in their own time period. This sounds like my idea that perhaps we should invest and improve the lands of our immigration problem (if it is a real problem), so that the immigrants can find work at home and not have to come here.

The other solution, the one that South Park had fun with was "lets wreck the future, so there is no future." Reminds me a great deal of what actually happened in our economy. I wouldn't go into detail about how they planned on wrecking the future, but many will feel that the CEOs of banks have done exactly that to us.

Ironically, now that our economy is in the tank and circling the rim, the immigrants are starting to go home. Grats CEOs---you have screwed all of us.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Remember to vote

I would like to remind everyone that is registered to remember to vote Tuesday. This election, no matter who you support, due to the issues is a very important one.