Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please goddess let Alvin Greene be real

I so want Alvin Greene of South Carolina to be a real candidate, and not just the pod person that some are claiming him to be. Here is a person who is unemployed, who spent all his savings (unless he is a plant), and is running his campaign out of his kitchen. And managed to get 60% of the vote against a professional politican (unless there was really a problem with the voting machines).

If he is real, he is proof that the professional politicans still have to fear amateurs. And even if he was a plant, he is still proof (provided that the machines were working right).

Of course, the professional politicans are protesting and doing everything in their power to eliminate Greene. One wonders how sky-high the filing fee and other qualifications are going to get as soon as no one is looking at South Carolina; remember the changes in who qualified to be in the Presidential Debates after Ross Perot made a good showing against professional politicans---you will never see a third party (or non-party) candidate in the Presidential Debates ever again.

As Dan Carlin once noted, professional politicians know that they can only continue to remain in power provided that they run against other professional politicans. Alvin Greene is the current eidolon of their fear that amateur politicans might be able to enter politics and actually get elected. Goddess forbid that amateurs do so; they might actually change the system.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do beautiful people actually use these services?

The other night, I am watching TV. It was relatively late. And a commerical for Quest was shown.

And the gal in the commerical is really hot. (Hey, I am a straight man; I notice things like this.)

And she is talking about how she can't wait to call.

The thought though my mind is why does she need to use this service? She is hot. She can get a date (or at least, I presume that she can).

Actually all the people that you see in these ads are HOT (hey, I am straight and even I notice the guys are reasonably attractive). Not an ugly person in sight.

Which brings up the question: Do beautiful, attractive, successful people actually use these dating services? And if so, what is wrong with them?

I know where I am placing my money. How about you?

(I would like to apologize to my readers. The idea for this was pre-scheduled, but things came up and I did not have time to flesh out my notes. So the post went 'live' during the middle of the night, despite the fact that it was not yet written. Sorry.)