Thursday, February 17, 2011

You claim that you were a teacher?!

Yes, it is time to mock the junk emails again. This author of this one is claiming to be a former teacher. Really? Given the lack of punctuation and capitalization here, I seriously doubt it. And if you were an actual teacher, no wonder kids come to college and end up in remedial (opps, I mean "foundational") English classes. Thanks for leaving the profession; young minds deserve better than this. And so does my inbox.

I have to admit, in 2010 i was having a hard time keeping up with my small paychecks. it was a miracle i had received this link [some work at home at a computer while your butt grows large program] to this news entry that got me making 5x more than i was as a teacher!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Are people really this lonely on Valentine's Day?

Here is a spam email from one of those Facebook fake message centers. I have to ask---are there really people who are this lonely that they actually click on the links? And do they want to hook up with someone that can't spell Valentine, not alone recognize a comma splice?

Sarah sent a message...

Hey, with valintines day and all coming up and i dont really have anyone to spend the romance with i was
wonderingif you wanted to hook up. Just so were not alone ;) let me know what you think, you can message
me back here [some single girl dating website]. Lets not spend the day alone and have some fun!!!!

Kisses xoxoxo