Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh My Obama!

The 19th August 2008 cover of
CCD Campus Connection
the student newspaper of
the Community College of Denver

Is political correctness a danger?

Are we placing too much faith and hope on Obama?

DNC jokes

There is a rumor that a whole houseful of urine and feces is being stored up for use during the DNC protests. As a result of this rumor, some politicians want to pass a law to prevent the use of urine and feces. My question is: Wouldn’t this not also outlaw politicians?

If the law does pass, I guess one should go to the bathroom before going to the DNC. After all, you wouldn’t want to be guilty of having illegal substances in your system while protesting at the DNC.

And wouldn’t the neighbors notice a houseful of urine? Ok, maybe not; the neighbors always seem surprised that the quiet ones turn out to be ax-murderers.

Given the fact that serial killers always turn out to be the quiet neighbors, shouldn’t we encourage our neighbors to throw more loud parties?