Monday, August 2, 2010

Strangest thing I have seen this political season

I would like to say that the strangest thing that I have seen this political season is the political ad of Ken Buck (talking about why he is better than Jane Norton) saying that he does not wear high heels, and instead wears cowboy boots with bull-droppings on them. (I think that Buck was trying to make a joke---not a very good joke---and if that is the worst that they can find, well...)

But I can't.

The strangest thing actually occurred in May (yes, I am a little behind in updating my blog). I was reading the Denver Daily News, a little local freebie newspaper that I occasionally read while waiting for the lightrail. And there was this ad.

The ad was from Kathleen Rosewater Cunningham (a candidate for the Governor of Colorado), and she was advertising for a Lieutenant Governor running mate and campaign manager (I am not sure if the person was supposed to function as both or not).

I just found it strange placing an ad in the classified section for a running mate. I am sure that it will not be the strangest thing we see this season, but it is currently my first runner for that prize.

(I do wonder if she actually was sucessful with her ad. Does anyone know? I have attempted to find information about her on the web without any success.)