Monday, April 19, 2010

Lamborn said What about religious freedom?!

Today while waiting for the light rail to come, I was leafing though the Denver Daily News. There was an article about the National Day of Prayer being ruled unconstitional by a federal judge in Wisconsin, and how the Colorado Springs-based National Day of Prayer Task Force wants President Obama to appeal the ruling.

(You can read the article on the Denver Daily News website.)

Now, there was a quote at the end to the article that made me choke.

[Congressman Doug] Lamborn [Republican---Colorado Springs] points out that the prayer day is completely voluntary. 

"It in no way requires Americans to participate in prayer, he said. "Unfortunately, some in our country are seeking freedom from religion, rather than freedom of religion."

Yo buddy, are you saying that I have to have a religion?! Let me guess, the religion that I should freely practice is Christianity.

Or are you saying that I have to put up with the abuses that some Christians would like me to put up with? (Like imprisonment for being a witch? Or people praying for my doomed soul?)

I am sorry, but I personally believe that if a person does not want to have a religion than that should be their right. And if they want to practice a religion that is different than they should not have to deal with a bunch of Christians praying around them.

You are darn right---I want freedom from religion. History tells us that first, you are required to have a religion; then they tell you which one; then they burn you if you are not saying your prayers right.

I would go kiss Wisconisin US District Judge Barbara Crabb, except that I suspect she would like freedom from having strange pagan men kissing her.

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