Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ready for election season to be over

I am so ready for election season to be over. The other night I was watching TV and there were several commerical (actually almost all of them) were I did not see a single non-political ad. I do find it highly amusing that you get an ad dissing on Ken Buck followed by an ad for Ken Buck.

My problems with the political ads?

1---too many, they are all blur together

2---they are all paranoid built on emotional hot buttons

3---most of the information is lies and/or taken out of context

4---we are screwed no matter who wins

For instance, the economy is still going to be in bad shape, no matter who wins. No matter what political solution is thrown at the economy, the effects are going to take forever to reach people like myself. And some things are next to impossible to do---for instance, Ken Buck talking about getting the federal government out of the student loan business. Good luck with that Ken (by the way, that is the biggest reason I dislike Ken Buck---I am a college student that is only able to go to college because I am taking out fereral student loans).

The good news is that the current election cycle ends in four days. The bad news is that the next electional cycle starts in five days.

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Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

I am so, so, SO sick of all the political ads, the political mail, and the political phone calls. Give us a break already. None of them are good and it is just plain ridiculous!
~Naila Moon